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Dot Physicals & Occupational Health Examinations- What to expect.

We perform Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams for CDL holders, non-CDL truck drivers, and all commercial drivers.  After passing the DOT physical the driver will receive his DOT medical card also known as Medical Examiner's Certificate to send to their State Driver Licensing Agency (SDLA) or to take to their local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).  Passing these driver physical exams and obtaining your Medical Examiner's Certificate is necessary to continue to carry or hold your CDL license as well as to continue to drive commercial vehicles for all commercial drivers (CDL holders, and non-CDL holders).  Providing that you do not have any medical issues, the DOT or CDL medical evaluation should take about 30 minutes.  If you do have a medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension or take any medication for whatever reason, please bring your medical records and medication list with you.  We will also need to know when your medical condition started, and the name and contact information of your treating physician.  Your DOT/CDL physical examination will be performed by Dr. Randolph Rosarion M.D., a Board Certified physician in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and also a certified DOT Medical Examiner listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).   The NRCME was started by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as required by Congress, and requires DOT physicals or CDL exams to be performed only by certified medical examiners.  

At our medical office USDOT Medical Examiner, located in College Point Queens, New York  we also perform DOT and non-DOT urine drug test, DOT and non-DOT Breath Alcohol Tests (BAT).  

We also perform Article 19-A & School Bus driver physicals, Merchant Mariner physicals, Pilot physicals, TLC (yellow cab) and For Hire driver physicals, and many other occupational physical and health check examinations.


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