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Avoid fines and don't be in violation.  Review the physical requirements for the Medical Qualification of Commercial Drivers and read helpful tips for:

The DOT Physical Examination

To save time you can print out the DOT Physical form and complete the driver's part (1st page) prior to your appointment.  

The DOT Physical Form​

In a rush? You can pre-register or pay online.  If your company is reimbursing you for your DOT physical, they may also find it convenient to pay online 

As Part of the program to link CDL driver's medical certification to their driving record, beginning January 30, 2014 CDL holders will no longer need to carry their medical examiner's certificate or DOT card or a copy for more than 15 days after the date it was issued. 

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49 CFR 391.41 and 391.43

"The federal government requires you to have a certain medical examination in order to detect physical and mental conditions that may affect your ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely.  the examination requirements are found in 49CFR part 391.41 and 391.43" (